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A private fishing club - members and guests only
Nine separate lakes with bass, bream, catfish, and crappie
Bass to twelve pounds and bream to two pounds have been caught in the lakes
Fish cleaning tables, bathrooms, and an air conditioned trailer/cabin for member use
Buddie was busy
Canoes, kayaks, and john boats with trolling motors work well at the lakes [photo by M Weir]
Canoes, kayaks, and john boats with trolling motors work well at the lakes

Damon's Seven Lakes

Damon's Seven Lakes is a beautiful one-of-a-kind private fishing club located in Damon, Texas just west of Highway 36 between Rosenburg and West Columbia. Contrary to the name there are now nine different, unique lakes of good size that hold largemouth bass, tiger bass, catfish, black crappie, and bluegill. Catching bass in the three to five pound range is a normal occurance. Twelve pound bass and channel cats and twelve inch bream have been caught in the last tow years.

Some of our members prefer to flyfish for the large blue gill the lakes hold, some weighing in at over 2 pounds! Other members enjoy the catfishing and have landed catfish over 12 Lbs. Whatever your fishing pleasure is, you're sure to enjoy the lush peaceful atmosphere at Damon's Seven Lakes. We have amenities such as restrooms, a fish cleaning table, occasional get-togethers to break bread and plenty of other fun.

You don't need a boat to fish here, but if you want one, we provide that, too. You can use our paddles or bring your own trolling motor. You may also bring a small boat, but we only allow trolling motors. Other than that, all our lakes have roads for you to drive right around them and fish where you like. Just pull to the side of the road and start catching the big ones!

Your Safety

Damon's Seven Lakes is like all outdoor facilities in Texas. There are critters that bite and stuff that sticks. We have or had alligators, snakes, fire ants, chiggers, ticks, along with poison oak (vines), brown recluse and black widow spiders, wasps, mosquitos, bees, and more. Please notify us of any sighting of these and we will try to eliminate the problem. Remember: You are in the country, THINK for yourself and those you are responsible for, especially The Kids. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Latest News

  • 10 June 2012 Osprey is open for members only. Limit 5 Crappie (under 10") per Membership per week, may be kept. Any fish caught or kept needs to be noted on the catch reports in the sign in box. Any Bass caught over 3 1/2 pounds needs to be put in Dove Lake.
  • 4 May 2012 10' and 8' Pelican Boats added to the lakes along with 400 Coppernose Bream.
  • 20 April 2012 200 lbs. Fathead Minnows to Osprey. On April 23rd Osprey will be OPENED to Members Only, Catch and release only and no live bait. All Crappie caught have to be recorded on fish catch logs and put in the 7L Mail sign in box.
  • 6 April 2012 300 each catfish to Hawk and 43 eaac to the pool.
  • 1 April 2012 200 lbs. Fathead Minnows put in Osprey. In Feburary we will have a catch and release event to size the Crappie. No live bait will be used and all hooks will be debarbed. (Members only)
  • 28 October 2011 Bill Atchison and his sidekick Tim Gray, brought the materials and installed a new pier on Duck Lake along with help from Matt. The pier will be here long after I am gone. They did a professional installation. Matt and our group installed five more feeders to nourish the bream so the bass have more to eat. April 2012 Osprey Lake will be open to members only, No Live Bait, and a weekly membership keep amount set !
  • 1 September 2011 We have opened the Mobile Trailer for Members Only use. The Rate for usage is $35.00 + $50.00 a day. If you wish to come out and spend a couple of days, in Air Conditioned Comfort, without driving home and returning the next day, you can call ahead and reserve the Mobile Trailer. Your deposit of $50.00 is required three days before you come.
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The Fish

  • largemounth bass
  • tiger bass
  • catfish
  • bluegill
  • black crappie
  • Jurrassic Park sized grass carp

About Us

Sandy and Mike Arnold purchased the Damon's Seven Lakes property in August of 2001 and immediately hosted an open house to let everyone know that they were intent on creating a top-notch private fishing facility close to Houston. The work undertaken in 2001 to improve the fishing included: adding 6,000 talapia to Dove, Duck, Goose, Eagle, Swan Lakes; adding a new 30 HP Pump i in Goose Lake (750 GM); putting another 6,000 talapia put in Dove, Duck, Goose, Eagle, Swan Lakes; and puttting 3,000 coppernose, 2,000 redear, and 10,000 flathead split to Eagle and Quail Lakes.

And that was just the start. We have accomplished a lot at the property in the last 11 + years and will work toward correcting all that is necessary. Please continue with your suggestions and we will address them as we receive new funds to cover these projects.

Michael J. Arnold - Lakes Manager
Matthew M. Arnold - Assistant Manager

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