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Property, Fishing, and Lake Rules

Property Rules

If you smoke, Field Strip your cigarettes, and take your butts with you. DON'T TRASH THE LAKES!

Signing In and Signing Out

The "Sign In" Register is in the white mailbox (blue 7L on side) under the awning in front of the Bath Rooms. The form has been made to log your vehicle color, make and license number. This is for your safety and the security of the property. Please make note of any vehicle on the property that does not belong or is not registered on the log. If you wish to fish after the sun goes down or before it comes up, you must tell us before you decide to stay or arrive. We have to maintain security and protect the neighbors cattle. Everyone on 7 Lakes is required to sign in when they enter the premises- No Exceptions.

If your guest brings his or her own vehicle it needs to be logged and your initials have to be next to their entry in the log. All people in your vehicle need to be entered in the # of People in your Party field, and there is a field where you must enter the number of people in your party who are under seventeen.

Catch Form

We have placed "Catch Forms" in this same mail box. Please fill one out as you leave on each trip so we can monitor the lakes fish sizes. All fish taken out by members need to be log on this form (Size, Type, Lake). This is the only way we can accurately set slot limits.


These are Private Lakes and a Texas Fishing License is not required to fish these Lakes. The land you are fishing on is private property and any one found on the premises who does not have permission to be there will be prosecuted as a trespasser to the fullest extent of the law. The revenues from all fees charged will allow us to manage water levels, stock the proper levels of bait and fish, maintain the grounds, build piers, peninsulas, etc. Violations of any Rules or Laws (Federal, State or 7 Lakes) will cause membership to be canceled and all monies paid will be forfeited. No illegal drugs will be tolerated on this property. Please do your part to keep this property clean of all trash. (We have trash cans available to put your trash in before you leave).


Police Officers and CHL holders are the only individuals who may carry handguns on this property without prior approval.

Fishing Rules For All Lakes - updated 5 May 2012

Bream under 8" may be taken (Limits set). No carp may be taken. Any catfish caught from Duck Lake may be kept. Five bass under 14" can be taken on each visit except during March and April and no bass may be taken from Eagle Lake.

Members Only - following does not apply to Day Access or Parties

Dove: No more than 10 Bream per membership per visit may be taken.

Duck: No more than 10 Bream, along with all Channel Cats may be taken per membership per visit. (Members, you asked for the catfish, take them)

Eagle: No Bass are allowed to be introduced or taken out from this lake. Catch and release only - All hooks must be D-Barbed.

Goose: No more than 10 Bream per membership per visit may be taken.

Hawk: 5 Channel Cats may be taken per membership on each visit.

Martin: No more than 10 Bream per membership, per visit may be taken.

Pool: We are using this area for raising Coppernose Bream in 2012.

Quail: No more than 10 Bream per membership per visit may be taken.

Swan: No more than 10 Bream per membership per visit may be taken.

Osprey: Barbless only and no live bait. 5 Crappie under 10" may be kept per membership per week. Any Bass caught over 3 1/2 pounds needs to be put in Dove Lake. We have introduced smaller Bass to clean out the Bream and smaller Crappie. The Crappie will control the Bass growth in this lake.

A combined total of 15 Bream and all catfish from Duck Lake may be taken per Membership per day.

Thanks for your support

Michael J. Arnold - Lakes Manager
Matthew M. Arnold - Assistant Manager

The Fish

  • largemounth bass
  • tiger bass
  • catfish
  • bluegill
  • black crappie
  • Jurrassic Park sized grass carp

About Us

Sandy and Mike Arnold purchased the Damon's Seven Lakes property in August of 2001 and immediately hosted an open house to let everyone know that they were intent on creating a top-notch private fishing facility close to Houston. The work undertaken in 2001 to improve the fishing included: adding 6,000 talapia to Dove, Duck, Goose, Eagle, Swan Lakes; adding a new 30 HP Pump i in Goose Lake (750 GM); putting another 6,000 talapia put in Dove, Duck, Goose, Eagle, Swan Lakes; and puttting 3,000 coppernose, 2,000 redear, and 10,000 flathead split to Eagle and Quail Lakes.

And that was just the start. We have accomplished a lot at the property in the last 11 + years and will work toward correcting all that is necessary. Please continue with your suggestions and we will address them as we receive new funds to cover these projects.

Michael J. Arnold - Lakes Manager
Matthew M. Arnold - Assistant Manager

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